Weather and Health

Attention Parents:

If the East Lycoming School District closes school or dismisses school early due to bad weather, we will not have club that night. If for some reason, the weather turns bad after school, there will be an announcement put on the church site and on the church's Facebook page. We will also make sure to communicate with you via text, phone call, or email to alert you of the change of schedule.

Also, if your child is ill and stays home from school for the day, please keep them at home that night. We love having them at club, but if they're sick, they need to stay home to get better… and to prevent sharing what they might have with the others at club. We'll pray that they get better quick so we can see them the next week.

Fun Zone

Hey Clubbers! Here's a page of the site JUST FOR YOU! There are fun coloring pages, puzzles, games, and other activities for all four clubs - and there's more to come in the future!

Parents, there are resources on here for your information and enjoyment as well.

Awana Theme Song

Awana Games

Kids, do you have 10 sections done this year? Are you working on finishing your books?

If you've completed 10 sections in your book by January 21, you are eligible to compete in this year's Awana Games.

HOWEVER, you MUST continue actively completing your books, even if you have completed the 10 sections required!!!

The Awana Games are a fast-paced, action-packed day full of fun and games, as well as a chance to make new friends and learn more about the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Awana games will be Friday Feb. 24th, 2017 starting at 6:00pm at Christ Wesleyan Church in Milton

Awana T&T Bible Quizzing will be Friday Feb. 17th at 7:00pm at Greenview Alliance Church in Warrensville

Parents: This is a day for you too! Check out some of the videos of Awana Games on YouTube! Go to YouTube and search Awana Games. There are plenty of videos that come up for you to watch! *The Awana Games is an event for Sparks and T&Ts to compete in (T&Ts only compete against T&Ts in the Games and Sparks only compete against Sparks in the Sparks-a-Rama events). However, Cubbies, Puggles, and parents are invited and encouraged to attend and cheer for our team.


Hey Puggles (and parents),

Here's a spot to find lots of fun coloring and puzzles, as well as other fun Puggle stuff to do, even when you're not at club!

Puggles Theme Song


Hey Cubbies (and parents),

Here's a place to find some fun coloring pages, puzzles, and whatnot for lots of entertainment outside of club! Enjoy!

Old Cubbies Theme Song

New Cubbies Theme Song

Cubbies Bear Hugs (A Must-See!!)


Hey Sparks! You may not have trading cards, but there are plenty of other fun things for you to do! We have plenty of puzzles, games, and other activities for you to check out... as well as the Spark-a-Rama!!! This is a special event of the Awana Games made especially for Sparks like you!

Old Sparks Theme Song

New Sparks Theme Song


Hey, T&Ts! You know those really cool trading cards you get every time you complete a Discovery? Well, these cards can unlock many pages of fun and games on the Official Awana site! The following link takes you to the trading cards page: a page made just for T&Ts like you! On this page you'll find jokes, riddles, games, downloads, and more. And you can access bonus pages and games with the codes you find on the back of your trading cards.

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