I came to Moreland Baptist Church in February 2014. I was born July 1, 1981 in Norfolk, VA. I grew up in the Charleston, SC area. When I was 15 my family moved from Charleston, SC to Galesburg, IL. I graduate high school in 2000 and joined the Air Force in 2002. After basic training and technical I was stationed in Keflavik, Iceland. It was during that time that my life was changed. My father passed away in November 2003 and God used that to draw me to Him. I began helping out in the base youth ministry soon after and fell in love with it.I am married to my best friend, Sara. I met Sara while stationed in Iceland. Her parents ran the singles ministry and cooked dinner for the singles every Friday night. I knew that I could not have a walk with Jesus and live in the military dorms as a new Christian so every Friday night I moved into their lives. Sara and I became friends, then best friends, then after 2 years and 2 months of long distance dating husband and wife. I continued in the military full time and working in youth ministry as much as I could. In April of 2012 I felt God calling me to leave the military, finish school and enter into full time ministry. After praying about it, seeking confirmation and one more deployment I left the military after 10 years and two months. I graduated from Liberty University in May of 2013. I have a 8 year old girl, Morgan, a 4 year old, Anna and a 1 year old, Grayson. I enjoy going to the movies, mountain biking, games and hanging out.

Pastor Robert Nuccio