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Welcome to Moreland Baptist! 

Are you distracted with the crazy pace of life these days?  Lonely?  Afraid?  Tired of being tired?  We are too!  That is why we gather to worship God each week.  We have found that living your life for Jesus really helps make sense of the craziness.  We also found that living for Jesus is hard to do so we rely on Him and each other to help us grow into His likeness.

Moreland Baptist is a family of forgiven sinners seeking to be more like Jesus each day.  We are transformed by God as we spend more time with Him and are encouraged and challenged by our brothers and sisters in the faith.  God often uses the Bible and His Spirit to challenge us to new adventures in faith. 

We believe that the church does not exist for itself but rather for the community God has called us to be a part of.  We want to help meet physical, spiritual, emotional, and relational needs in the community.  Our church is a hospital for hurting sinners and not a museum for the saints. 

We have a morning worship that blends the old with the new.  

We want you to join us as we grow together to fulfill God’s plan to love Him, love each other, and to love the world.  We do that through worship, music, caring ministries, prayer, small groups, Bible studies, youth ministries, kid’s ministries, and so much more.  If it has been a while since you’ve been in church, don’t worry… the walls won’t come crashing down!   Just come just as you are and grow with us!  We’re praying that you will join us soon!  


Sunday School 
9:15 AM

10:30 AM

Kingdom Youth Group Sunday 5-6:30pm

Wednesday Night Awana 6:30 PM

118 Moreland Baptist Road
Muncy PA, 17756
(570) 546-2568